Plastics Plant Fire in Georgia Leads to Evacuation

It reignited after being contained.

A Pinova facility that manufactures rosin and polyterpene resins caught fire in Brunswick, Georgia on April 15.

The blaze forced residents in the area to evacuate and shelter in place. 

Officials did not provide details on what caused the fire, which is under investigation.

Two people suffered minor burns. 

Pinova Senior Director of Operations Ron Kurtz said the fire began in the terpene resin area.

Terpene resins are used in adhesives, construction specialties, flavors, personal care and other household items.

The incident lasted from about 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and reignited around 3 p.m. after county officials said crews had contained the fire.

The plant suffered structural damage, but officials said the fire did not affect chemical tanks.

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